New Supervising Judges for the Probate Departments

Current update to the roster of Probate Judges in Los Angeles County.

Presiding Judge David M. Wesley has named new supervising judges for the Probate Departments and South District of the Los Angeles Superior Court, effective January 1, 2014.

Judge Michael I. Levanas, currently assigned to Department 11 of the Central District of the Los Angeles Superior Court was named supervising judge of probate and Judge Michael Vicencia was named to helm the Long Beach-based district of the court. They replace Judges Mitchell L. Beckloff, currently assigned to Department 5 of the Central District of Los Angeles Superior Court and James Otto, respectively.

Judge Wesley explained in a memo to judicial officers that the court will not be conducting its usual widespread movement of judicial officers at the beginning of the new year.

“We are making very few changes at this time,” he wrote. “What it simply means is that we anticipate making more assignment changes throughout the year as the Governor fills some of the 27 judicial vacancies that currently exist.”

Wesley added:

“Thus the assignment process will continue throughout 2014, using the preference sheet that you submitted as one of our guides, along with the needs of the court. In the meantime, I think you for your continued hard work and support in this challenging economic climate.”

Probate Court is a Court of General Jurisdiction that includes, but is not limited to the following proceedings:

Decedents’ estates
Trust proceedings
Guardianship proceedings
Conservatorship proceedings
Minor’s compromises
Will Contests
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