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Ginzburg & Bronshteyn’s outstanding team of attorneys has an unprecedented depth and breadth of legal knowledge and experience. They have successfully navigated just, equitable resolutions in the most challenging trust, estate and family law cases. You can rely on their expertise and insights to properly represent your interests. Our expert attorneys provide reliable representation that residents throughout Southern California and the Bay Area depend on. Select a link below to learn more.

Alexander Ginsburg

Alexander Ginzburg Los Angeles, CA

(310) 914-3222 alexander@gbllp-law.com READ BIO ›

Yasha Bronshteyn

Yasha Bronshteyn Los Angeles, CA

(310) 914-3222 yasha@gbllp-law.com READ BIO ›

Laura A. White

Laura A. White Of Counsel Calabasas, CA

(818) 787-1011 laura@gbllp-law.com READ BIO ›

Rachel Rosenfeld

Rachel Rosenfeld Of Counsel Calabasas, CA

(310) 914-3222 alexander@gbllp-law.com READ BIO ›

Peter Michael Kuntsler

Peter Michael Kuntsler Of Counsel Calabasas, CA

(310) 914-3222 yasha@gbllp-law.com READ BIO ›

What Our Clients Say

I have recently been involved in a complicate intestate probate case after the death of my brother, an American citizen, and I have fortunately met this great team of two lawyers, Mr. Alexander Ginzburg and Mr. Yasha Bronshteyn from Santa Monica, CA... All communication has been clear, transparent and in time, which is important as a moral support for my family and I. I am hereby recommending them for this kind of job, if someone is seeking for a professional team of probate lawyers, Ginzburg & Bronshteyn is the best option.
— Florin Oniga
I have frequently consulted with Yasha Bronshteyn on matters related to probate litigation. Yasha is an experienced, aggressive and caring probate court litigator, who specializes in helping families when they have disputes about wills, trusts and conservatorships. Many lawyers like to handle easy, non-contested probate cases. Not Yasha. The more contentious, the more complex, the better. Yasha is a light for his clients when their families are in dark times. I refer my clients to Yasha Bronshteyn without reservation.
— Adam
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