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I found Yasha Bronshteyn via the recommendation of a trusted attorney for a probate matter. I truly believe Yasha understood the situation from our first meeting and formulated the perfect presentation to the court to get us the ruling we needed. The past year with COVID-19 has been very trying in the courts yet Yasha navigated the system to help take the stress out of the process for me. I highly recommend Yasha Bronshteyn, I could not have been happier and I will never go anywhere else.

I have recently been involved in a complicate intestate probate case after the death of my brother, an American citizen, and I have fortunately met this great team of two lawyers, Mr. Alexander Ginzburg and Mr. Yasha Bronshteyn from Santa Monica, CA. We are currently at the middle of our legal journey and I am taking the opportunity to express, on behalf of my mother, the legal heir, and on behalf of myself, our gratitude and high accolades to their outstanding job. We are living overseas, in Europe, so most of the communication has been done via e-mail and telephone, but that has not been an obstruction. All communication has been clear, transparent and in time, which is important as a moral support for my family and I. I am hereby recommending them for this kind of job, if someone is seeking for a professional team of probate lawyers, Ginzburg & Bronshteyn is the best option.

Everyone was very friendly and helpful such a beautiful atmosphere.

I have frequently consulted with Yasha Bronshteyn on matters related to probate litigation. Yasha is an experienced, aggressive and caring probate court litigator, who specializes in helping families when they have disputes about wills, trusts and conservatorships. Many lawyers like to handle easy, non-contested probate cases. Not Yasha. The more contentious, the more complex, the better. Yasha is a light for his clients when their families are in dark times. I refer my clients to Yasha Bronshteyn without reservation.

Lawsuits are complicated, draining, long, and isolating. Having an attorney you can TRUST by your side during this process is important. After having a nasty experience with an attorney who wouldn't get back to me for two weeks at a time, it was time to find someone new. With the recommendation of a trusted attorney, I found Yasha. Yasha was professional, on point, empathetic, responsive, provided sound legal advice, and made my life easier. With the help of Yasha, what could have been a many years long ordeal was handled in a year. Yasha gets the job done, will not try to maximize his earnings for your suffering, and is truly on your side while representing you. I hope I don't need an attorney again, but I would gladly use Yasha again and trust any recommendations he would have to offer. I can't stress it enough: IT IS HARD TO FIND AN ATTORNEY WHO IS COMPETENT, SELFLESS, HONEST, FAIR, and DAMN GOOD.

I found Yasha via the recommendation of a trusted attorney during a very difficult time. It is quite hard to find an attorney who possesses the skill set and service that Yasha provides: prompt responses, sound legal advice, will listen to your concerns, fair billing, a tremendous litigator, has your best interest at heart during complicated times, and most importantly...he treats you like a human being. Yasha is an incredible attorney and a good man, I would hire Yasha again if I needed to.

I highly recommend Yasha Bronshteyn, I guarantee once you have used his service you too will look no further. He responds in an extreme timely matter, very knowledgeable, trustworthy person. No other attorney will work as hard for you. Seriously he is a wonderful attorney, he took all my stress away. I could not have been happier and I will never go anywhere else.

Yasha, is very professional, attentive and respectful. Worked very hard to make sure he addressed all my family concerns.

Yasha did a great job for me on my legal issue. He was thorough, reasonably priced, and completed everything in a timely manner. I felt that I understood the issues at hand and the work that he performed. All in all, a great experience and I highly recommend Yasha.

Mr. Bronshteyn is a very professional attorney who has been invaluable to our family during a difficult time. I would absolutely recommend him.

Worked with him for over 20 years in many cases. Always diligent reliable and well suited to handle important strategic litigation.

Very knowledgeable and skilled attorney. Highly recommended.

Yasha Bronshteyn is an experienced and very knowledgeable attorney in the field of Trust Litigation.

I've known Yasha for several years. He has impressed me as a standout among attorneys.

Yasha has deep knowledge in all matters pending in probate court -- conservatorships, trusts and estates. He is reasonable, ethical, smart, and a superior advocate for his clients.

Yasha had deep probate knowledge, combined with above-average emotional intelligence. It makes him an effective advocate for his clients, especially in high-conflict family situations.

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