Update on Probate Courtrooms at Stanley Mosk / Los Angeles Superior Court

Fortunately we will see two more probate courtrooms at the Los Angeles Superior Court.  The additional two courts will give us a total of six at the Central Courthouse.

The six courts will be allocated as follows:

Dept. 5 (2nd floor): Judge Stratton
Dept. 9 (2nd floor): Judge Klein
Dept. 29 (2nd floor): Judge Murphy
Dept. 11 (2nd floor): Judge Green
Dept. 67 (6th floor): Judge Cunningham
Dept. 79 (6th floor): Judge Cowan

Commissioner Penny shall act as the floater – handling court coverage, conducting Settlement Conference, and so forth.

The sixth floor Probate Courts are expected to become fully operational on February 2, 2015, though there may be some transitional calendaring and activity. It is expected that he new system will work well, despite the separation of floors.  Ultimately, we will have a more reliable sense of bench placement, which will allow for greater case continuity as the same judicial offer will preside over a particular matter.  The goal  is to cause the calendar spread to  be wider thus alleviating the morning crunch.

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