Conservators Can Petition the Court to Stop the Abuse of Elder or Dependent Adults

Firm partners, Alexander R. Ginzburg and Yasha Bronshteyn, attended the Elder Abuse Restraining Orders: Nuts, Bolts and Other Miscellany program which was presented on February 19, 2015, by the Los Angeles Bar Association-Trust & Wills Section.   

The program focused on discuss the requirements and procedures to obtain a temporary or permanent elder abuse and dependent adult abuse restraining order, and the crossover issues with conservatorship and trust matters the common problem of people abusing each other and the legal ramifications of that abuse. Speakers included the Honorable Lesley C. Green, Los Angeles Superior Court. 

Dependent adult abuse restraining order cases are filed in a special proceeding with a separate prefix.  For example, in Central the cases are identified with the BS prefix as opposed to the BP prefix for regular probate cases.  Elder or dependent adult abuse stay away orders may be issued upon reasonable proof of past acts of abuse.  Welfare and Institutions Code Section 15657.03  A court may make its findings in favor of granting a restraining order by a preponderance of the evidence.

Bookout v. Nielson, 155 Cal. App. 4th 1131, 1138 (4th District. 2007)) finding that Welfare and Institutions Code Section 15657.03 does not require a finding by a clear and convincing evidence.)   Instances of dependent adult or elder abuse may also require the establishment of a conservatorship to better protect and provide for the individual.  Pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code Section 15657.3 (a)  to the department of the superior court having jurisdiction over probate conservatorships shall also have concurrent jurisdiction over civil actions and proceeding involving a claim for relief arising out of the abuse of an elderly or dependent adult, if a conservator has been appointed for the plaintiff prior to the initiation of the action for abuse.

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