Yasha Bronshteyn Receives Peer Review Rating™ from Martindale-Hubbell®

Just this month Ginzburg & Bronshteyn, LLP partner Yasha Bronshteyn, was given an “AV” rating from his peers, which means that he was deemed to have very high professional ethics and preeminent legal ability. Only lawyers with the highest ethical standards and professional ability receive a Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Rating.
The Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings evaluates lawyers based on the anonymous opinions of members of the Bar and the Judiciary, including both those who are rated and those who are not. The first review to establish a lawyer’s rating usually occurs three years after his/her first admission to the Bar.
Martindale-Hubbell conducts secure online Peer Review Ratings surveys of lawyers across multiple jurisdictions and geographic locations, in similar areas of practice as the lawyer being rated. Reviewers are instructed to assess their colleagues’ general ethical standards and legal ability in a specific area of practice. Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings were created in 1887 as an objective tool that would attest to a lawyer’s ability and professional ethics, based on the confidential opinions of other lawyers and judges who have worked with the lawyers they are evaluating.

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If you find yourself in a conservatorship that has become legally combative, consult the conservatorship attorneys at Ginzburg & Bronshteyn.

Conservatorships, while intended to exist for the benefit of the protected person, can sometimes become complicated and contentious.The issues in connection to the conservatorship are clear at times:

1. Is Proposed Conservtaee able to properly provide for his/ her personal needs for physical health, medical care, food, clothing and shelter? Cal. Prob. Code § 1801(a).
2. Is Proposed Conservtaee substantially unable to manage his/her financial resources or to resist fraud or undue influence? Cal. Prob. Code § 1801(b).

There are two situations where a conservator of the estate may be appointed: (1) one who is
“substantially unable to manage … her own resources,” and (2) one who is “substantially unable to . . . resist fraud or undue influence.” Cal. Prob. Code § 1801(b).
Under a conservatorship estate, a conservatee is presumed to lack capacity to contract, to sell, transfer, or convey property, to make gifts, to incur debt, to delegate powers, to waive any rights or to serve as a fiduciary. Cal. Prob. Code § 2870, 1872. However, a conservatee is presumed to have the capacity to make medical decisions (Cal. Prob. Code § 2354) unless the court finds, pursuant to a petition requesting that the conservator have exclusive medical power under Cal. Prob. Code § 2355, that the conservatee lacks the capacity to give informed consent to any form of health care.

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